Captain Dave Hageman Ph.D.

Captain David Hageman is a 16-year veteran with the Denver Fire Department. He currently serves as the Technical Rescue Captain on Tower 1 in downtown Denver. Captain Hageman is a lifelong practitioner, student, and teacher of performance improvement through the modalities of leadership, psychology, and fitness. He has worked with NFL teams, Olympic athletes, elite special forces units, and emergency first responders to improve their performance through a wide range of applications. Captain Hageman earned a bachelor’s degree in systems engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point, his master’s degree in organizational leadership from Johns Hopkins University, and completed his Ph.D. in performance psychology. Before joining the fire service, Captain Hageman was an active-duty Army Captain and combat veteran of Operations Iraqi Freedom. He is also a former all-conference division-I college football player, college/high school strength and conditioning coach, Mountain Tactical Institute instructor, and Mission Six Zero leadership consultant. He lives outside of
Denver with his wife and 5 children.