Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and tutor Denver Firefighters, to assist anyone that wants to become a firefighter with the entry level testing process.  To serve our communities by volunteering, mentoring and raising awareness regarding social issues that affect our community.

To promote equality in the fire service, through a diverse and inclusive employee group that strives to be an example of honesty and integrity to all members of the fire service.



SCOPE: Work as the liaison to the internal and external community. Maintain our commitment to Education, Equality, and Community.

  1. The duties of the Community Resource Director involve:
  • Identifying and Coordinating community service opportunities for F.I.R.E. members, and track F.I.R.E member volunteer hours.
  • Liaison with the Denver Fire Department Recruiter(s) regarding any person interested in assistance from F.I.R.E. as well as identify opportunities for community service hours internally to DFD (recruiting fairs, mock oral boards, etc) as it relates to the hiring process.
  • Act as liaison with the F.I.R.E. / Safety and Training Division Mentor Program.
  • Coordinating and monitoring ongoing FIRE training as the point of contact between lead instructors, Safety and Training and/or other training facilitators (excluding F.I.R.E Promotional Exam Tutoring).
  • Identifying financial resources available to F.I.R.E. as a 501 3c (Grants).
  • Back up to Executive Board to attend community events.
  • Attend one of the two scheduled bimonthly F.I.R.E. meetings scheduled on the even months of the year (Feb, April, June, Aug, October, December). If the Director is unable to attend the first meeting, your notes will be emailed to the secretary on the Friday before the meeting by 5pm.
  • Will provide an itemized yearly budget to the Treasurer and present to the membership at the February meeting.

Skills: Knowledge of the F.I.R.E Constitution and Bylaws, ability to use excel or PowerPoint or the equivalent in the Apple products, strong communication skills.  Anyone interested please contact Derrick Delgado Roving Captain DIA – A-shift.