Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and tutor Denver Firefighters, to assist anyone that wants to become a firefighter with the entry level testing process.  To serve our communities by volunteering, mentoring and raising awareness regarding social issues that affect our community.

To promote equality in the fire service, through a diverse and inclusive employee group that strives to be an example of honesty and integrity to all members of the fire service.



Recent Promotions of F.I.R.E. members:

Engineers: Scott Thornton,Timothy Sipe,Silas Cordova,Mark Hernandez, David Schlote, Scott, Wyman,

Lieutenants: Derrick Johnson, Matthew Berry, David Hageman, Chad Cranmer, Ken Inglee, Juan Vigil, Christopher Dillon, Jon Helwick, Timothy Sipe, Todd Miccio

Captains : Josh Odendahl, Gary Pierce, Carly Helwick, Alex Paez, Quentin Schamber, Steven Pizzano, Robert Miller

Assistant Chiefs: Manual Almagure, Anthony Gonzalez, Chad Burdorf, Jeremy Vigil

Division Chiefs: Desmond Fulton